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We’re talking about Sengoku 9 already?

Rumors are already starting to swirl about who’s going to be fighting at Sengoku 9, which is impressive since usually there’s no big names to get excited about for those events. According to Tokyo Sports (which Nightmare of Battle warns us is on an equal sketch level with the Sun UK), Kazuyuki ‘Ironhead’ Fujita (the dude who almost knocked Fedor out) will be taking on Blagoi Ivanov (the dude who out-sambo’d Fedor last fall) in an “If we mention Fedor’s name enough, maybe people will be interested” match.

Also possible: Josh Barnett versus Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva to see which champion that was stripped of his belt for steroids is truly stronger. Now if this is true then that pretty much counts Barnett out as a possible opponent for Fedor this summer. Sengoku 9 is on August 2nd, so that throws a pretty big monkey wrench into any potential summer tilts between the two.

*UPDATE* Blagoi confirms a three fight deal with Sengoku so that looks pretty legit.