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We’re not the only ones who hate Armando Garcia

This press release / article / biased hate letter by Fiona Manning is a huge poorly written laundry list of complaints about our favorite guy in the world, CSAC head Armando Garcia. It’s full of fun stuff like this:

Garcia demoted Dean Lohuis, the Los Angeles man who WAS the Chief Official most boxing insiders always assumed was the head of the Commission since he is the only official ever seen at fights. Lohuis was stripped of all his duties in what most boxing insiders see as an obvious attempt to get him to resign. Left out of the loop, Dean was no longer permitted to assign fights, approve boxers or make decisions beyond hamburger or salad for lunch.

Under Garcia’s new rules, blood work bypasses Dean and this led to last year’s June 3 fiasco at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario on a Thompson boxing promotion. Matchmaker Alex Campanovo received the blood work for super featherweight Tommy Perez, which he then sent to CSAC inspector Joe Borrielli. Neither man noticed that the blood work showed that Perez was HIV positive.

  • Jonathan says:

    Fuck Armando Garcia instead of the Police.

  • Mike O says:

    ” I personally attended a MMA show at the Century Night club and was appalled to see not ONE SINGLE CSAC official in da house. There was only one ringside physician (not the state requirement of two) who was kept in the dressing room all night, attending to five severe injuries. There was also no ambulance, which became state law two years ago.

    What these promoters did have was a paramedic who was enjoying his ringside seat and kept disappearing outside between bouts. He came back at one point, reeking of marijuana and was at a complete loss when the referee begged him to look at a prone fighter in the ring.

    ‘I don’t know,’ said the paramedic, barely glancing at the fighter. ‘He looks okay to me.’

  • There’s some pretty bad stuff in there, but a lot of stupid stuff. The writer’s obviously got an axe to grind and repeatedly calls MMA ‘unregulated’ before talking about all the regulations they screwed up. All in all I don’t fully trust everything in there but it’s nice to see that a lot of people definately do hate him and the way the commission is run. Seems like the dude spends more time talking to the press than running his own commission

  • Lynchman says:

    This was written in 2006 and is not new.

  • Neither was that video of Ben Rothwell beating the shit out of some obese 16 year old, but it’s still good entertainment.