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We’re not the only ones that think Rampage looks like shit this season

Rampage does too. This is what he had to say about Rashad’s criticisms of his (lack of) coaching once he had once again restated his feeling that Wes Shivers got jobbed (he did) and his hatred of Abe Wagner:

That’s when I knew T.U.F was going to be the same bullshit as Season 7. Rashad acts so fake and cocky and he wants to act like he cares more about my fighter than I do and brag about how he’s a better coach than I am. But I tried to explain to him that I’m not a coach and I won’t be coaching after my fighting career, like he might. So as the fights go on and I end up losing a couple fights in a row, I grew more pissed and I let it get to me. So, the whole time Rashad was being a dick and cocky, I just talked to them back in the locker room, in private. Rashad thought the show was about him, about how good of a coach he could be and how fake he could be. But I knew what it was all about.

So, because you’re not planning on being a coach in the future, that means you shouldn’t give a shit enough to try now? Good to know. And if by ‘the same bullshit as Season 7’ you mean ‘my team is getting mercilessly demolished’, then we’re on the same page. What, praytell, is it all about for you, if not coaching?

The show is called the Ultimate Fighter, not the Ultimate Coach. Rashad is so full of himself, even though he just got knocked the hell out by Machida. It was the worst showing of his fight career. Now that he is a one and done champion he thinks that the show is about him. It was hard for me to do this show because I know how fake Rashad is and what kind of person he is. Most of the real fans can tell too, that’s why he gets booed all the time. I liked everyone on my team and I chose my team for a number of reasons. If I could do it over I would choose all the same guys, except next time I WILL choose the camera man.

It was the worst showing of his fight career, Page – in fact, dude had never lost a fight going into it. Notice also the recourse that ‘real fans’ side with him – sorry my man, I love watching you fight and you’re a stud at 205, but I think most real MMA fans are going to side with the guy that, oh I don’t know, fights for a living. Saying ‘I’m not a good coach but fuck it’ is an INTENSELY selfish state of mind. All of this coming from someone that signed a contract to be a coach in lieu of an offered title shot, pissed and moaned throughout said coaching gig, then retired before participating in the culmination fight.

It really sucks, because I used to be a Rampage fan. I let you run people over in a fucking monster truck because of a bullshit movie, man. It’s when you start fucking with other people’s careers – without an ounce of remorse – that I have to take a hike.