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Werdum’s elbow: now with 90% less fragments

Today’s update of As The Fedor Turns goes like this: the evil bone spurs at the heart of this whole non-fight situation have been removed from Fabricio Werdum’s elbow – an impressive twenty seven (27!) fragments were removed. Now Vai Cavalo will be able to punch, play tennis, and scratch that hard to reach spot between his butt and his balls that has been driving him nuts for so long. “O chode é tão bom!” Yes, it does feel good, Fabricio.

That puts him on track to return in four to five months at the beginning of 2011. As for what happens then, it all depends on what side of the bed M-1 got up on that day, if Strikeforce starts wearing big boy pants, and what Alistair Overeem thinks. But don’t worry, Overeem might be the one guy with a pretty reasonable idea of how this whole situation should play out. He proposes himself vs Werdum for the title (so it might actually starts to MEAN SOMETHING) and Fedor vs Bigfoot to determine who gets the winner of Overeem vs Werdum.

Unfortunately, reasonable isn’t exactly M-1’s strong suit and for that to play out Fedor would have to re-sign with Strikeforce. I’m pretty sure that’s what he’ll end up doing, but I’m also pretty sure it’ll only happen after they manage to delay and derail a bunch of fights and ruin Christmas for MMA fans everywhere.

As for that fight by the end of the year M-1 is going for, there’s been no official word, but MiddleEasy is saying:

This morning I get a phone call from someone inside this whole debacle who stated that negotiations for Fedor to fight in Japan on New Years Eve have already fell through and that M-1 Global is currently trying to assemble a fight between Fedor and Blagoi Ivanov, the guy who defeated Emelianenko in Sambo in in the semi-finals of the 2008 World Sambo Championships. The fight is being pinned to take place in Russia sometime this winter. I was also told the Fedor is severely disappointed of this outcome.

Take that with a grain of salt because they also said Paul Daley signed with Strikeforce. But if it is true, it will be interesting to see if M-1 does the show themselves or just tries to sell Fedor and their ‘promotional services’ to some money mark. I’ve got a feeling even with a bargain-priced Blagoi Ivanov opponent, it’d be hard to make a couple million off a Fedor fight if you’re not just suckering someone into paying you to use him.