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Werdum tries to score a fight with Overeem

Whenever a reporter asks a fighter who he (or she) wants to fight and the fighter just responds “Eh, whoever”, I bang my head against my desk. Matchmaking can make or break a fighter’s career, and one should never pass up the opportunity to call out someone who’ll be good for your career. At the Strikeforce post-event conference, Alistair Overeem said “Eh, whoever.”

Fabricio Werdum, on the other hand, was more proactive:

When Coker asked Overeem if there was anyone in the room who might like to face, Werdum stepped up to the stage. Speaking through an interpreter, Werdum said he would enjoy the opportunity to face “Demolition Man” a second time.

Coker told ( that Overeem’s recent claims to the media of a June appearance were still a bit premature. Coker also insisted the Overeem vs. Werdum fight was not set in stone.

“It’s a direction, but it’s not finalized,” Coker said. “I had no idea [Werdum] was going to come up (to the stage). It was kind of a random thing.

“I said, ‘Hey, let’s take the picture or something.’ But it wasn’t planned.”

Werdum has a bit of a history with trying to shape existence to his will via sheer determination. Perhaps he’s been reading The Secret a bit too much or something, but who am I to criticize? He might have just tipped the scales to his favor for an Overeem fight. And with that one win, his career would be back on track. Good for him. That’s the power of calling out opponents.