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Well, that was fast

I need a Nogbrilz on the fly, the Forrest is 86’ed.

You may not love the food, but there’s really no denying that Joe Silva would make an amazing short order cook. MMAJunkie is reporting that Jason Brilz (AKA the guy that robbed you of Tim Boetsch in the UFC over the last year, and by “robbed” I mean decisioned pretty solidly) is set to take the vacancy that Forrest Griffin’s shoulder injury created in the UFC 114 line up less than 24 hours ago. Before everyone starts taking a dump on it,

1) Jon Jones is not ready for Lil Nog.
2) Pretty much everyone else is booked.
3) Brilz is 3-1 in the UFC and 18-2-1 overall.
4) Shut up.

There are a lot of gaudy records, winning streaks and young talent at 205 right now – hell, Bader was going to put an undefeated record up against Thiago Silva before the injury, Silva’s only lost to the current champ (Machida) and the guy he took the belt from (Rashad), Rashad’s only loss is to Machida (and if you believe me, that’ll remain true after he beats Rampage), The Janitor (talk all the shit you want) is 3-0 in is post-Affliction return to the Octagon… it’s just ridiculous. Tons and tons of fights to happen. There is more injured/acting talent on the UFC roster at light heavyweight than there is in the rest of the mixed martial arts world combined: pretty much anything that happens when you stir the spoon is cool with me.