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Well that’s just embarrassing

The guys over at Bodog have put up odds on the potential Jones / Silva boxing match, and they’re pretty fucking horrific. I think they could put a rodeo clown in the ring with Jones and get closer lines. Anyone who has faith that Silva and his training camp aren’t smoking mountains of crack might wanna throw a bill down now. I can’t see the odds getting sweeter on Anderson’s end.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Anderson Silva is a professional boxer. He made his pro debut last yr (I believe) in Brazil & KO’ed his opponent. I doubt that the opponent was any where near as good as Jones, but Silva does train like a pro boxer. Anything can happen, hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if GSP lost to Serra again :(

  • Ineedgirlfriend says:

    Lets be real guys – Silva doesnt even have any record, any fights in boxing… there is no smallest chance than he can pull a win. In MMA match Roy would’ve got very small chance because of his boxing – but in boxing match, with huge gloves, i wouldn’t even give Anderson a punchers chance.

    Bottom line is, the fight will never happen 😉

  • Ineedgirlfriend says:

    OK, I checked – his record in boxing is 1-1 – the only win is against a total can and he lost to some boxer by TKO back in 1998.

    I think there is no way in hell Anderson Silva can beat Roy Jones Jr in a boxing match.

  • Accomando says:

    ineedgirlfriend, (pissed I had to write that) is right, Anderson would get fucked up in a boxing match with Roy Jones.

    The question I ask is why does Anderson want to do this? To show that MMA guys have more balls?

    Either way, I’d probably buy it…..

  • i signed up for Fightliner says:

    While I agree that anderson would probably lose to roy I dont think losing your first professional boxing match to a guy at the time who was 20-2 means you suck. Also, were talking about ten years later he has been training his hands a lot.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    I think we all agree that Silva has a snowball’s chance in hell in a boxing match. At best. And, honestly, if anyone thinks Jones would stand a chance in an MMA bout, you’re just plain kidding yourselves. Puncher’s chance my ass. That might apply against a mediocre MMA guy, but Anderson Silva? Come on, now… we can’t even think of an accomplished Mixed Martial Artist that could beat Anderson, how the hell would a boxer stand a chance?

    What I’d like to see would be for Silva and Jones to split the difference between MMA and boxing and meet in a kickboxing match. I’d give that to Silva (decicively if elbows are allowed, not so much if they aren’t) but I think that would be a much more competetive and thus much more interesting contest than a boxing or MMA match.

    One way or the other, it’s not gonna happen, though. No way the UFC will allow their most dominant champion to lose value in a freakin boxing match and no way Jones is going to be fine with getting completely slaughtered in an MMA bout.

  • Gong says:

    I think the fact that Anderson still hasn’t been marketed to his fullest potential just goes to show that the UFC MIGHT just do this. It won’t have the same effect as someone recognizable (like Liddel) get his ass handed to him by David Haye. Or something. You get the idea.