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Well damn, here’s a Frank Shamrock video we CAN’T shit on

When I first clicked on this video from BloodyElbow, my first thought was, “Sweet, a Frank Shamrock video to piss all over.” Normally Frank provides no shortage of material to mercilessly ridicule. If I’m being completely honest, I must admit one of the true joys of being a MMA writer has been dumping on all things Frank Shamrock. It’s really a paradox of feelings with Shamrock, considering his historical relevance and remarkable accomplishments provide for a massive hard-on, while his shameless self-promotion, grossly pompous demeanor, and middle school braces provided an incredible soft-on. Incidentally, the few years of ridicule were well worth it as Frank is now rocking quite a dapper smile.

Then I noted the video’s length of 55 minutes, and my second thought was, “Well fuck, Sandy has provided me a week of vacation. I have no food other than pizza rolls, corn tortillas, and bacos; no drink other than polluted tap water and room temperature beer; and shit, I don’t even know if I have a company to go back to work for.” Basically, I have oodles of free time and little hope. Therefore, I actually watched this entire video.

After just a few minutes, my mood was transformed from joy to darkness as Frank discusses getting molested as a child. As light-hearted, playful, and sarcastic as we are here at Fightlinker, how can you fuck with that? You can’t. There’s really just no way to justify it, unless you’ve been subjected to similar vile abuse yourself, and aside from the middle school gym teacher who would spend just a little too much time in the locker room with that creepy smile on his face, thankfully I cannot relate.

So if you want to listen to the tale of Frank’s traumatic childhood, as well as a bunch of fight talk, check it out. And if you desire more gory details, you’re a sick fuck, but you can always buy Frank’s book, “Uncaged: My Life as a Champion MMA Fighter.”