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Welcome to Warrior Island

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone combined MMA (or martial arts at least) with the tropical island game “reality” show model of “Survivor”.  After all, the “fighting tournament on an island” thing has been done enough times that it’s practically a film trope, and the TV/film world is pretty much in “fuck new ideas” mode these days.  This one will be much less underground and secret and deadly (presumably) than the old cliche though.

Yes, that is ageless can-crusher Dan “The Beast” Severn in the trailer, though it’s unclear what his involvement is besides hosting one of the casting calls.  If you’re interested in being either a fan or a competitor, they’re still accepting video resumes, which fans then vote on via Facebook.  Then I guess fans will be able to vote on the outcomes of the show somehow, and there’ll be challenges like breaking ice blocks or maybe even fights or something…?  I dunno, I gotta be honest, I’m not gonna do a whole lot of research on this shit.

[Props to resident jackal greenseed for the find]