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Welcome to 170, Nate! See you later!

We made a big deal about Nate Diaz moving up and how we thought that was stupid, but who’s stupid now after Diaz handled Rory Markham like he was the 8-1 favorite going into the fight? Well, if you’re ready to welcome Nate to the division now with some excitement, don’t get too hyped. Here’s Nate’s thoughts on sticking around now:

Nah I’m going back. I’m going 155. I don’t care, I’ll fight both. Why do you have to be in one? Probably [155]. Probably 170. I dunno. I’ll talk to my team, my coach and my manager – my manager is my coach so he’s the shot caller. If he tells me whatever to do, he’s got my back so I’ve got his. He’s gonna let me know what to do.

The main reason I figure you don’t wanna do both is because it keeps Nate in that shitty spot where he’s too big to cut to lighweight without losing some of that magic we saw Saturday night, but too small to go far in a welterweight division stacked with weight-cutting fiends. But that’s just my silly logic talking. Since making sense doesn’t seem to be a big priority to the Diaz brothers, I’ll just be happy we might still get to see him fight against Tyson Griffin or Kurt Pellegrino at lightweight, both guys he’s put his mug on numerous times.