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Weighty issues

There’s a theory floating around the MMA scene that despite all the negative sounding comments GSP has been making about moving up to 185, he’s secretly preparing for the move already. Sounds like the same kind of wishful thinking teenage girls apply to their chances of kissing Justin Beiber, but whatevs. To feed your fanboy dreams, here’s GSP’s coach talking about his weight gains:

Fighters often move up in weight as they age, yet St-Pierre has remained a welterweight (170 pounds). How has he been able to do that?

Georges has been getting better at cutting weight. He’s walking around at 194 (pounds). There was a time when he used to walk around at 180 to make 170. He cuts weight so easily we added more muscle.

How do you drop 25 pounds and still retain your strength and explosiveness?

It becomes a game. Now he’s on a protein and vegetable diet. Right now his exercise is significantly cut, but he’s going to shed water. It’s only temporary weight loss. It’s not real weight loss. You’re not dropping fat. (The final weight-cut) lasts about six days . . . By Friday he’ll have six or seven pounds left and we’ll put him in the sauna. I don’t recommend this to anybody, even professional athletes. This is somebody who’s very seasoned.

As soon as the weigh-in is done (Friday afternoon) we’ll give him a recovery drink. We’ll even give him Prime (a workout supplement by Gatorade, which sponsors St-Pierre) because he needs the carbohydrates that much more . . . he’ll enter the ring at 192 or 193 pounds.

He can gain 22 pounds overnight without losing any speed or alertness?

You tell me after Saturday.

For a little weight perspective, Anthony Johnson often flubs weigh ins when trying to cut down from 190 pounds (although starting a camp at 220 probably plays a factor there) and Thiago Alves blew his brain out cutting from 192. Don’t be too worried about Georges though … he’s been cutting down from 188 since UFC 100 and seems to take a slightly more scientific method to cutting than those maniacs.

  • subo says:

    He’s never going to fight Anderson Silva just get over it already

  • CAP says:

    Diaz next after he beats Shields. THEN he has officially cleared out WW.

  • frickshun says:

    He’s already cleared out the division.

  • Letibleu says:

    George St Pierre is already more than half way to his desired 185 weight. This is the last time you will see GSP fight @ 170. The kind of weight lifting regiment he is doing is not for muscle maintenance but for bulking up. The gymnastics stuff he is doing is to help him adapt and adjust his skills/timing/explosiveness to the increasing mass. At the press conference he looked very drawn out. His weight cut looks to be extremely difficult. That means he is dropping from higher than ever before. Probably borderline to the maximum he can cut from.

    Everyone thinks 2 dimensional. Everyone thinks he will fight Shields THEN start bulking up. He has been getting ready for 185 for the past 4 months already. This is the half way fight on his way up and the coaches will look at his performance at this new weight to see what they need to adjust for the final 3-4 months of weight gain he has left.

    I haven’t bothered to talk about this before because watching everyone play the is/he isn’t/he is/he isn’t like an Asian ping pong game has been funny.

  • CAP says:

    But Leti he’s scurred! No way he’s goin up. There really is nowhere to go but up.

    Diaz is the only intriguing fight left at WW after this. Of course I think Diaz would lose but it would be very marketable and fun to watch.

  • Letibleu says:

    I will mark this comment and make you all go back to it in 3 months

  • subo says:

    Leti – that will help me remember to delete mine!