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Weight cutting snafu?

When Alessio Sakara pulled out of his UFC 122 fight with Jorge Rivera, many people wondered if it was really the flu or flu symptoms due to a botched weight cut. Now we’re getting more info that it was the latter, with Gareth A Davies telling MMA Live that Sakara showed up in Germany a little bit heavier than a middleweight should probably be:

“Well you can’t make full accusations about this Jon. But I have it on good authority that 8 or 9 days before bout was due to take place; Alessio Sakara was walking around at 220 pounds.”
“He failed to show for the fighter workouts on the Thursday in Italy. He was walking around the fight hotel looking very gaunt and ghostlike.”
“When you take that much weigh off, that quickly, it does bring on illness sometimes and I do fear this may have happened here with Alessio Sakara.”
“And it doesn’t do him any favors with the UFC, I can guarantee you that.”

One of the first things the UFC does when fighters arrive in town for a fight is put them on a scale and see where they are with their cuts, so it isn’t too far fetched to think Davies would know what was going on in this case. And yeah, right after the WEC merge is not a good time to blow a weigh-in, especially when your fight is one of the few on the card gaining traction with fans.