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Weight class talk already?

Jose Aldo didn’t so much kick the shit out of Urijah Faber as he did kick the shit out of Urijah Faber’s leg – a smart strategy his camp set up after they noticed “Faber had no kick blocking” whatsoever. Now I’m not trying to take away from the completely one sided win, and I’m right down to the hilt of Aldo’s cawk along with the rest of you. But I’m just saying it might be a bit soon for talk like this:

“I had heard he wants to move down a weight class, win that belt, then move to 155 and fight B.J. (Penn) in the UFC,” White said. “If he could do that, which I don’t know if he could cut that weight and make that light of a weight division, he’d be the first guy to win three titles in mixed martial arts. I think that’s pretty interesting.”

There’s been a few other guys who were doing so well at their weight class that they recently talked about bouncing across others for a chance at more belts. One of them is getting an immediate rematch against the 7-1 underdog that just beat him. The other is limping on legs so swollen and black they could be mistaken for Phil Davis’.

(image by Esther Lin from her WEC 48 gallery)