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Weigh-in monkey business?

Dave Meltzer has a good article summarizing a night of excellent women’s MMA, but also spends some time asking questions without asking questions regarding Gina’s weigh-in:

But what was strange is that on her second try, her weight was 142 1/2 pounds. Yet, a third try, with it appearing little was different, suddenly it was announced she had made weight. The story was that on the second try, a towel was accidentally left on her because nobody could understand how she could have dropped a pound-and-a-half in a few seconds. Even stranger when the second weigh-in was viewed back, there was no towel accidentally left on her shoulders.

Didn’t I tell ya, EliteXC events are always great for conspiracies and controversies? You’ve got everyone wondering if Ken Shamrock cut himself on purpose, and you’ve got people thinking Gina cheated on her weight cut. Theories range from Gina having one foot off the scale to her lifting herself up with the towels to others claiming the scale was nudged up by someone else’s foot. Oh, and my favorite: the Florida commission taking pity on her and just saying “Okay, she’s 141 now.”

Just to give you guys a possibility going the other way, here’s what our own Esther Lin had to say about the situation from her first person account:

A lot of people are saying that Gina can’t drop a pound and three-quarters in the few minutes between her first and third attempt. Personally, I think the scale was running a teeny bit heavy from the EliteXC provided scale as I also stayed for the undercard and a few fighters were surprised to not make weight, having weighed themselves only half an hour ago.

Mainly, I think what contributed to the strange second reading (where there was barely a difference even though she had removed her skirt) were the amount of people running around on the stage and some people even standing on the wooden platform where the scale sat. I believe if things were not so chaotic, that second reading would have been 141.

So just for reference: 1st attempt fully clothed was 142.75, second was 142.5 without skirt, third attempt was 141 buck naked. Make what you will of that!