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The Weekend Ahead

On behalf of the Fightlinker staff.
(On behalf of the Fightlinker staff, not they authorized me to speak for them or anything.)

1. I’ve been slacking lately. Some stuff simply gets covered well elsewhere – for instance, I was literally Google Image searching ‘pot kettle black’ when I read CagePotato’s excellent breakdown of Butterbean calling James Toney a ‘freak show’. Sometimes, all that needs to be said about a story already has been by someone else, and further posting is kind of redundant, especially if you were planning on making the same point. That being said, I’ve skipped a bunch of shit instead of throwing up blurbs, and I’ll get back on that.

2. Remember when Rod and I were going to take Jackal Radio weekly? Yeah, me neither – but he DID tactlessly call me out for posting (which is kind of like me getting mad at him for drinking) while apparently forgetting his cocksure ‘Mir over Carwin’ prediction. Look forward to him getting mocked for that as soon as his teachers say it won’t jeopardize his gold star eligibility.

3. I hear there’s a mixed martial arts card going down this weekend in Abu Dhabi, which I believe is where Aladdin was from. I anticipate a predictions post, followed by numerous ‘OMG this card sucks’ comments despite the two title fights. I’d love it if Anderson and BJ weren’t so dominant, but being reduced to ‘should Frankie just go straight capoiera on his ass?’ and ‘is Maia taking down/submitting Anderson more or less likely than Jesus returning in a Grand Cherokee?’ hasn’t appealed to me yet.

4. As you can see, I’m kind of been allowing the expected responses to dictate what I write about, and putting it into text helps me realize just how bitch-mode that truly is. That ends now. I’ll just write more so my pro-Zuffa pieces are less statistically significant. Meanwhile, keep the comments coming – this place is nothing without the community that sustains it, and if you hate me, this is your sole avenue to correct me, so keep on keepin’ on.

5. I’m going to make an effort to be here for TUF tomorrow – let’s see if we can’t get a chat going.