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WEC wha?

There was a WEC event on Saturday night, although if you didn’t already know about the WEC before you probably don’t know all that much about it now either, even if you watched the event. We’d talked about the UFC taking over the promotion leading up to the show, but the buck didn’t stop there.

If you wanted to order the WEC show, Comcast would have no idea what you were talking about. Don’t you mean the UFC show? And if you wanted to play the saddest drinking game in the world while watching the event, you could just take a drink every time you heard the letters WEC spoken (it got a few less mentions than the Armenian genocide).

I was actually really impressed at how they managed to completely scrub the promotion out of existence … it reminded me of those old communist party photos where everyone but Stalin and his buds were photoshopped out, leaving this new reality that didn’t quite seem right but don’t say anything about it comrade, just go about your business.

The official reason is that in order for the UFC to get the WEC prelims on Spike, they had to remove all the branding. But underneath that there was a crazy experiment going on to see how many pay per views a non-UFC event can pull when it’s basically masquerading as a UFC event. While it might have been ‘unfair’ to the WEC (insofar as you can be unfair to a brand), it’s some pretty interesting mad scientist shit and it will be a major accomplishment if Zuffa just pulled that shit off.

(pic via Cage Writer)