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WEC vs UFC salaries (guess who wins)

Sure, Georges St Pierre, Brock Lesnar, Randy Couture and even Dan Henderson all make more money separately than the entire WEC 42 card made combined. But that’s to be expected: they are worth more than the WEC 42 roster. I figure if we’re gonna bitch about how little the WEC guys get paid in comparison to the UFC, how about we look at the real statistical indignities:

  • The UFC gives out more in bonuses per event (240k) than the combined amount fighters at WEC 42 made (234k).
  • Miguel Torres gets paid the same amount of money as Stephan Bonnar (25k). Actually Bonnar might make more if he wins, but it’s been over two and a half years since Bonnar won so I’m not sure.
  • Former WEC fighter Chael Sonnen made more against Dan Miller at UFC 98 (50k) than both fighters in the WEC 42 headlining bout combined (43k)
  • Mark Coleman made twice as much at UFC 100 (100k) than Urijah Faber makes (48k)

There’s an endless assortment of fun statistics you can whip out once you realize Wikipedia has most of the pay figures for shows right at your fingertips. I was mainly messing around with the top draws but the real crime in my opinion is how low base pay is for the little small guys, with many not cracking 5000 bucks even when they win.

I’m right there with everyone who wants to see fighter pay stay reasonable, but can we please get to a point soon where dudes fighting in Zuffa-owned promotions can afford to train full time? I figure it’s kind of important to at least give these athletes a proper chance to show their full potential. Ya never know who you might end up losing to Sam’s Club otherwise.