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WEC non-news

Non-news about a reality show:

“We’ve made some progress. We’ve had a number of meetings and obviously talked to Versus, which is the home of the WEC,” said Harris. “At this point there’s nothing concrete, but we’re still working towards that.”

No timetable has been set, but don’t be surprised to see a WEC reality show on Versus sometime in 2010.

Non-news about the flyweight division

“We’re working on it,” said Harris. “The thing that we focus on in WEC is making sure that all of our fights are meaningful and making sure our divisions are deep. Part of that is making sure your guys get fights. So right now we’re focusing on the divisions we have, getting those guys plenty of fights, keeping them busy.

“We’re working on the flyweight division and sometime, I’m sure, in 2010, we’ll announce that we’re going to be forming that and get that moving.”

I don’t know about you, but all this nothing has me wondering if I should really believe the ‘news’ about WEC’s PPV plans:

“Don’t have a date or location, but I’m going to tell you it’s going to happen,” Harris said about the WEC pay-per-view. “We’re looking at the first half of 2010. We’re looking at dates, locations, all that. There’s a lot of things that we look at that go into this, and we want to make sure that our first one is very, very successful.”

From now on I’m not going to pay attention to that crap unless there’s a date behind it. Or maybe if Dana says it.