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WEC nearly sells out

Holy shit! Stop the presses! The WEC came very very very close to selling out last Sunday! Which would be impressive until you realize how rinky dink the Hard Rock is:

According to information forwarded to by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, WEC 35 this past Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino had just two tickets that went unsold or unused.

The total paid attendance for the event was 734 for a total paid gate of $116,9000. In addition to the two unsold tickets, there were 272 complementary tickets for the event distributed.

When Jason Miller left the WEC, he said he wanted to fight in front of a larger crowd than he’d find at a high school wrestling meet. But I’d say there’s probably a decent number of states that pull more people than that. I figure most kids have two sets of ‘parents’ nowadays and that helps bring up the numbers, but none the less it’s still true. And lame.

When the fuck is the WEC going to stop dicking around at the Hard Rock? I’m not saying they have to go huge and book the Arco Arena every time they do something. But there are plenty of small arenas all over the place that they’d pull 2000 – 3000 people if they tried. Then you don’t have all your fighters bitching about fighting in the WEC. Well, they’d still bitch. But at least they wouldn’t bitch about knowing 2/3rds of the crowd at the Hard Rock on a first name basis.