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WEC management gets hosed

Is it just me or is Dana White acting more and more like Darth Vader lately, using the Force to crush the windpipes of all those who displease him? The AKA situation last week was a clear example of what happens when you defy your overlord. Now we find the price for failure is equally steep: WEC owners Scott Adams and Reed Harris have found themselves working in a ‘reduced capacity’, apparently on account of a fuckup that resulted in the Donald Cerrone vs Rob McCullough not making it onto the televised portion of the last WEC.

The decision to televise Rosholt vs. Osterneck instead of McCullough vs. Cerrone was not a matter of hindsight because the WEC was contractually obligated to broadcast Rosholt’s match. The fact that Adams awarded Rosholt a contractual provision that mandated his fights be televised is believed to be a central issue in Adams having his power within the organization usurped.

UFC Vice President of Talent Relations Joe Silva is said to be handling matchmaking responsibilities for both the UFC and the WEC.

Jeez, I was pissed about the Cowboy / Razor fight getting missed too, but this seems like a bit much. If Scott Adams has still been the one responsible for the awesome matchmaking in the WEC since Zuffa bought it, color me displeased that he’s being replaced. I’m sure this incident was just a straw that broke the camel’s back, but goddamn … is there any case where the main guys at Zuffa don’t end up taking over and micromanaging everything under them?

I’m also wondering if the switch in matchmakers isn’t why we suddenly have Faber vs Pulver 2 being lined up. Hmmmm.