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WEC makes us wait for new weight

Usually, adding weight is a bad thing. You get stretch marks, start smelling like blocks of cheese, and then you have to buy new clothes. But add the word “classes” to it and it becomes what everyone wants – especially in the sub-155 showcasing WEC.

We got our hopes up earlier last winter, when the word going around was a March commencement for Flyweights in Zuffa. Then August. Then ‘late 2009’. There were reports from a few 125 lb fighters saying they were already signed and able to compete before the end of the year. Looks like they’re gonna have to wait a bit more as WEC matchmaker Sean Shelby tells…ahem, this reporter:

When I first came in earlier this year, my goal was to build up the divisions we already had. [W]ith the number of fights we are doing now, 125 is just not a viable division for us at this moment.

At this point WEC is like that procrastinator who says “I’m gonna turn this life around….tomorrow.” There isn’t too much of a grievance fans can have with not launching the division soon, but the fighters sure are getting the short end of the stick. Everyone signed to their Flyweight division right now is just sitting around losing money while waiting for all this bureaucratic red tape to be cut down.

Not everyone thinks this postponement is a bad thing, though. Jordan Breen said on a recent episode of his show that this gives more time for the division to develop itself on the smaller circuits. Umm, what? That’s what should be happening in the WEC. The cream is going to rise to the top regardless of where the fights take place, so it doesn’t make much sense not to have the division now and at least let us see it happen. Besides, as fans, we should be watching the domestic 125 lb weight class grow in a visible place instead of on internet only pay per views and bad TV deals by smaller promotions.

On the bright side, it’s not like Zuffa changed their mind about bringing in the Flyweights; we’re just gonna have to give it some more time before they get their stuff together. But I won’t lie – another postponement is gonna bum me out. I may even be forced to say “>”Aww!”