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WEC guys are getting PAID, son!


  • Carlos Condit ($26,000) def. Brock Larson ($12,000)
  • Paulo Filho ($50,000) def. Joe Doerksen ($30,000)
  • Jeff Curran ($10,000) def. Stephen Ledbetter ($5,000)
  • Jamie Varner ($14,000) def. Sherron Leggett ($4,000)
  • Hiromitsu Miura ($6,000) def. Fernando Gonzalez ($3,000)
  • Antonio Banuelos ($8,000) def. Justin Robbins ($2,000)
  • Eric Schambari ($8,000) def. Logan Clark ($6,000)
  • Steve Cantwell ($6,000) def. Justin McElfresh ($3,000)
  • Blas Avena ($4,500) def. Tiki Ghosn ($5,000)

Okay, it’s not exactly phenomenal money, but I’m pretty damned surprised at how much some of the guys in the WEC are making. The biggest winner on the card has to be Joe Doerkson, who made the same amount of scratch Jens Pulver did when he fought BJ Penn. Paulo Filho’s numbers were right around where I expected them to be, same with Condit and Larson. The rest of the fighters were given deals between 5k/5k and 3k/3k. Overall, not too shabby for the WEC. Maybe in 5 years all the guys who fight in Zuffa promotions will be able to break above the poverty line!

  • steve24 says:

    3-5k isn’t bad for a fight if your fighting once a month. Now if these guys that are making 3-5k a fight and have an exclusive contract only with Zuffa and only fight once every 3-5months, it’s no wonder they are weighing in at 135-145.

  • intenso says:

    How much revenue could these guys possibly be generating for Zuffa though? They aren’t on PPV. They are on Versus. How many homes is that in? And the live crowds are pretty small. And probably half are free tickets.

    Zuffa is probably being pretty generous to these guys in that regard.

  • steve24 says:

    How much is Versus paying Zuffa to air their events Live??

  • matt says:

    According to the pav these guys should be getting paid the same ammount as NHL guys.

  • I don’t see why guys shouldn’t be making above 75k, but NHL salaries are dumb