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WEC blows it’s load on Dec 12th

Well boy oh boy, I wonder what the fuck this is all about. After a three month hiatus the WEC is back, and they’re really pulling out the stops. Their December 12th show puts the featherweight, middleweight, and light heavyweight belts on the line plus features Jens Pulver’s WEC debut. If you haven’t been paying attention, that’s pretty much all the WEC’s starpower minus welterweight man-boy Carlos Condit.

I have to wonder what the fuck is up with Zuffa stuffing this show so full. Is this a test to see how the ratings do when they put all their weight behind it? Are they planning on cutting down the number of WEC shows they do, so they can just throw their entire roster onto every card?

I’m not complaining about the card … it’s like the yummy white filling between the two black cookies of Ultimate Fight Night and UFC 79 that make up the Oreo cookie that is MMA in December. But still … I can’t help but be suspicious. What the fuck is Zuffa up to with this lineup? What’s going on behind the scenes? The card is just too good … something fishy must be going on.