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WEC 47 ratings not so hot

Some bad news for the WEC on the ratings front: Saturday’s WEC 47 pulled only 373,000 viewers, making it the second worst performing show since … well, WEC 45. Having your two worst ratings performances in the months leading up to your PPV debut can’t be a good sign, and overall it’s just a worrisome trend. Here’s a list of WEC ratings for you to stare at and try to see patterns in:

* WEC 47 (Bowles vs. Cruz): 373,000 viewers
* WEC 46 (Varner vs. Henderson): 640,000
* WEC 45 (Cerrone vs. Ratciff): 330,000
* WEC 44 (Brown vs. Aldo): 414,000
* WEC 43 (Cerrone vs. Henderson): 419,000 (first event after loss of DirecTV viewers)
* WEC 42 (Torres vs. Bowles): 670,000
* WEC 41 (Brown vs. Faber II): 1,300,000
* WEC 40 (Torres vs. Mizugaki): n/a
* WEC 39 (Brown vs. Garcia): 531,000
* WEC 38 (Varner vs. Cerrone): 702,000
* WEC 37 (Torres vs. Tapia): 671,000
* WEC 36 (Faber vs. Brown): 497,000
* WEC 35 (Condit vs. Miura): 423,000
* WEC 34 (Faber vs. Pulver): 1,540,000

Of course, the main culprit you can point to is the lack of Versus on DirecTV. If you wanna look at how this might have affected the event, look at this: WEC 42 (the last DirecTV event) was headlined by Miguel Torres vs Brian Bowles and pulled 670,000 viewers. This event, with a similar-ish card also featuring Torres and Bowles: the aforementioned 373,000. That’s a 55% drop. Or 45% drop. Sorry, I’m all cracked out on lack of sleep so me no do math good right now. It’s a big drop, okay.

It is important not to freak out too much and say the sky is falling, but it must be discouraging for the WEC people to keep pumping out great shows only to see the numbers trending down instead of up. On the plus side WEC 46 did a post-DirecTV 640,000 off the back of Urijah Faber and while that was still the second lowest Faber show, it’s still not a bad number.