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WEC 39 notes

Hicks vs McCullough looked like two Machidas fighting eachother. Razor refused to do anything but counter and whenever Hicks got sick of being punched, kicked and kneed in the face he simply had to stop moving forward. This fight was 14 minutes of snooze with 1 spread out minute of fireworks. Which sucks because the moments of action were well wicked.

All aboard the Mike Brown bandwagon! I’m still not sold on him being able to handle Urijah Faber a second time in a row, but he’s definitely for real. He muscled Leonard Garcia around the same way he did Faber and showed that those heavy hands weren’t a fluke. It’s nice to see the featherweight division get heavier at the top.

Chris Mickle either got screwed or saved by the ref when Jose Aldo cornered him and started pounding away. Typically you want to wait until a fighter falls over before stopping things, but Mickle seemed stuck halfway down eating non-stop shots.

Overall the show was a mixed bag … the good fights were too short and the bad fights were too long. McCullough vs Hicks was the biggest disappointment because it managed to hit “War” status a few times but only for about 10 seconds before slipping back into the borefest zone. Past that, Mike Brown put an exclamation point on the evening but it’s not an event I’d say was a must-see.

Last but not least, awards are out: once again, the fight of the night didn’t make it onto the televised card, with Johny Hendricks beating Alex Serdyukov via a unanimous decision. It sucks that there’s no way to see this fight until it ends up on WrekCage in a few months. Knockout of the night went to Damacio Page for KOing Marcos Galvao in 18 seconds. Last but not least, Mike Brown earned sub of the night for finishing Leonard Garcia with an arm triangle. These guys earned $7500 for their efforts.