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WEC 37 thoughts

-Benavidez / Martinez was a disappointing fight. Benavidez was landing shots like he was firing off with a sniper scope … too bad he was inflicting pop gun damage. Martinez showed off in the last minute that he had what it took to win the fight, but he was too busy trying not to lose that he never really tried to win.

-Watching Wagnney Fabiano vs Akitoshi Tamura was like watching water slowly grind down stone over thousands of years: fascinating if you’re a geologist but otherwise most people don’t even know what they’re witnessing. There was also the same feeling of inevitability in Fabiano’s approach. Slowly but surely he outworked Tamura, who still did a decent job of keeping Fabiano from burning from guard to mount like a blowtorch through butter. Frank Mir said no one is going to be afraid of Fabiano after that performance, but I have to disagree: WEC management are probably afraid that’s how he will always fight.

-Brian Bowles looked good, but not great. If the WEC was hoping that Bowles would come out of last night’s show with enough momentum to get people excited about a fight with Miguel Torres, then they were probably disappointed.

-Miguel Torres proves again that he’s a bad dude, but he also seemed tentative last night at first. I guess he’s getting a bit of Anderson Silva syndrome: if he’s not dominating every minute of every fight, people get antsy. Once he keyed in and started to fight, he destroyed Tapia. Don’t listen to that shit from Tapia that the fight was stopped early … the ref easily could have stopped the fight the first time Torres knocked Manny into another mental state. The second time he got dropped, Tapia was stuck on the receiving end of some brutal shots and wasn’t doing anything about it. I don’t think there was a single person in the chat last night who thought there was anything wrong at all with that.

-Overall, I rank this card ‘decent’, but since we’ve been treated to such awesome WEC cards in the past, this seems like something of a letdown. I tune into the WEC for all out wars like Condit vs Miura, Torres vs Maeda, and Faber vs Pulver. The last two shows have lacked fights with wow factors – although of course I hear that the Cerrone vs McCullough fight from WEC 36 applied. Too bad we saw Rosholt break his WEC cherry in a sloppy nothing match instead.