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We missed the fight of the night for no good reason

We were already pretty pissed off that the WEC decided to feature the Rosholt / Osterneck fight instead of Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone vs Razor Rob McCullough. Things only got worse this morning when I read this:

The WEC 36 Fight of the Night on Wednesday night could end up as a fight of the year candidate after Donald Cerrone and Rob McCullough went to war in a pivotal lightweight showdown. In the end, Cerrone got the nod with a unanimous decision, but both fighters were able to benefit from the bonus after a phenomenal showing for the fans.

I know people get stiffies whenever accomplished wrestlers decide to ditch the singlet and put on some MMA shorts, but come on now. Everyone and their retarded little sister knew that Cerrone vs McCullough was gonna be awesome in advance. Past that, both guys were already on the way to becoming serious names in the WEC. Oh, and lets not forget that they’re lightweights and not in one of the divisions that IS GETTING FOLDED INTO THE UFC. So even if Rosholt came out and proved himself to be the second coming of Randy Couture (he didn’t), what was the WEC gonna get out of that? Last night was the last night we were gonna see middleweights in the promotion.

How did showing the Rosholt / Osterneck fight help the WEC? It didn’t. And now we missed a fight of the year fight. Boo-urns, WEC. Boo-urns.