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We all saw this coming

I’ve been pretty surprised by the reaction to the whole Dana White / Loretta Hunt situation … the number of people acting like Loretta is the one in the wrong here is pretty high indeed. The favorite line is that real journalists don’t publish stories with anonymous sources, which is about the most brain dead argument in the history of the universe.

Every single day you read stories on Five Ounces, MMA Junkie, and MMA Payout where ‘sources’ reveal the latest fights and business information. They’re kept anonymous because honestly, you never know what will land you on Dana White’s shitlist. Ya know, the shitlist Loretta Hunt was already on?

Mike Rome hits the nail on the head:

Loretta wrote a story with quotes from anonymous managers to support the idea that it was wrong for the UFC not to let them backstage.  She contacted the UFC for their side, but of course they didn’t give her anything because Sherdog is on the “banned” list.  Then she puts together a story that comes off one-sided, and Dana White goes nuts.  This entire thing could have been avoided if they ran their media department professionally, called Loretta back, and gave her their side of the story the way every other serious company would.

White slammed anonymous sources, but realistically speaking, would you give your name if the guy in charge of your destiny had a temper like the one we saw on the video blog?  The UFC controls over 90% of MMA revenue, if they blackball a manager, his career in the sport is effectively dead.  There was very good reason to remain anonymous.

I’ve got a list longer than my gigantic 10 foot dick of incidents where Dana has lashed out at ‘enemies’ real and imagined. I’ve lost count of the number of people the UFC has bullied, cajoled, ruined, frozen, etc etc etc. You read about this shit every day here. I know I’m just the poop throwing monkey, but you guys see this trend right, and it’s been getting WORSE, not better.

I’m not happy with the possibility of Dana White stepping out of the limelight – he’s a great promoter and does an excellent job of hyping fights. But we all saw this coming from a mile away. How many Luke Thomas articles on Bloody Elbow are there asking “What happens if the mainstream media picks up on this?”

This is hardly the first time Dana has done something that could have blown up in his face. But as the sport gets bigger, more people are paying attention. It doesn’t matter what your opinion on Dana or what he said is … we live in a place called REALITY and in this REALITY place, the owners of major sports organizations can’t act like that.

So hopefully the one good thing that comes out of this is Dana White turns it down a notch. He’s been at a 11 lately and we need him at an 8. He doesn’t need to step out of the limelight … how about just not calling people faggots and bitches?