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Wazzup with all the rematches?

Okay lets go through all the rematches Dana is setting up in order from ‘good idea’ to ‘bad idea’:

Good Rematch: Mikey Bisping vs Matt Hamill
While the majority of the universe saw it as a total screwjob, the match was still close enough to warrant a second go at it. The fight was also pretty good … I enjoyed watching Bisping bounce all over the Octagon getting chased by Hamill. His fits at the end of every round were pretty entertaining as well. All in all I wasn’t too hyped for this the first time around, but now I’m chuffed to see a rematch, preferably in Hamill’s backyard this time. Fortunately for all of us, both Hamill and Bisping have agreed to a fight, so we might get to see this before the end of the year.

Who Cares Rematch: Gray Maynard vs Rob Emerson
This is the one that ended with Gray knocking himself out at the same time the ref stopped the fight. This was ruled a no contest, but everyone knew Gray won this fight. He pounded mercilessly on Emerson for two rounds … the fact that he accidentally knocked himself out doesn’t swing karma back towards Emerson somehow. I’m willing to let the ‘No Contest’ ruling stand … on a techincal level it makes sense. But a rematch between Maynard and Emerson will go the exact same way the first fight did … only hopefully Gray will keep his head up on the slams.

Dumb Rematch: Tito Ortiz vs Rashad Evans
Here’s another case where just because the result was a tie, it doesn’t mean the fight was worth re-doing. The only reason Tito didn’t win this on the scorecards was because he grabbed at the fence for no apparent reason. Ask anyone with half a brain who ‘won’ the fight, and they’ll tell you Tito took it. To make matters worse, this was a total dog of a fight. At least with the other two rematches above, the fights were worth watching. Ortiz/Evans 1 is the kind of thing you make suspected terrorists watch over and over to mess with their brains. And now we have the rematch scheduled for UFC78 in New Jersey. At least I know I’ll have a 15 minute window to take a dump or go get more beer before the main event.

  • kentyman says:

    To be fair, Tito grabbed the fence ’cause he was getting taken down. Had he not grabbed the fence (for that THIRD time), who knows what Rashad could’ve done. Not saying he would’ve pulled it out, but he could’ve.

  • sonzai says:

    Agree 100% on all counts. I can’t wait to see another crowd boo when someone like Big ‘Nog takes the fight to the ground and then turn around and cheer when Tito holds the fight on the fence for 10 goddamn minutes as he desperately tries to get a take down. That kinda stuff warms the (rather large) cockles of my heart and makes me wanna beat every single one of those fans with the corpse of the “Just Bleed” guy…

  • maafaka says:

    the major problem with a rematch is that it what it is : a “second match” and if , by extreme bad luck, Tito would take it, it means a THIRD match…

    …and then i’d really comit suicide.

  • Teufel says:

    Rematches are okay if it’s 1-2 years later and both fighters have progressed greatly, but immediate rematches are just stupid.

    The only rematch I really want to see is Big Nog vs Fedor. I could watch those two beat the shit out of each other every Saturday for the next 3 years and still want to see them fight each other again.

  • steve24 says:

    There should definitely be no rematch between Bisping/Hamil and Maynard Emerson. All guys are nowhere in their division. You can say Bisping, but he hasn’t fought anyone and probably never will. So there is no point for a rematch so let them move on. The only reason I don’t want to see Ortiz/Evans again is because I’m tired of Tito wasting space on $40 ppv. Throw him in the prelims, and NO, i don’t want to see his fight if time is allowed.

  • Lifer says:

    “If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.” – Tito Ortiz

    Bisping I’d like to see even though he can’t seem to stop Matt Hamill’s(or anyone else’s) takedowns until the 3rd when they are gassed from chasing him. He should really drop down to 185 where he isn’t going to be outmuscled all the time. Hmm.. not sure if that’s my opinion or Rogan’s opinion after hearing it 150 times.

    Gray Maynard’s beatdown of the other TUF’er would kinda be moot. I enjoy watching the TUF’ers fight real competition. Barring that I like to see them fight TUF’ers from other seasons. I think Gray will be pretty good once his hands catch up.

    Evans is turning himself into a more talented Ken Shamrock but without the sound bytes. My main problem with this rematch is that there is so much ego involved you don’t really get a complete fight. You get a tenative pawing match while the 2 wrestlers attempt to capitalize on a mistake. 2 thumbs down unless we get to watch Don Imus piss on the loser.

  • garth says:

    tito’s actually performed pretty well in his recent fights, but just in an extremely boring way. he’s got some weird third-round-itis, when he used to be the man as far as cardio is concerned. let him fight rampage. that would be funny.

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    I may boycott UFC 78 because of this. Zuffa is showing us no respect by shoving this down our throats. It is a bad match and they will try to sell it to us like it is Fedor v Couture. They should take that fight back to the west coast or Vegas where it belongs.