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Wayne Weems is a wuss AND a pro wrestler

(To the left: Trip Shatfires aka Trip Strychnine, one of Wayne Weem’s ‘MMA wins’. To the right: Homeboy McFuckFace)

Continuing the trend of TUF5 fighters with weak records, it looks like Wayne Weems’ record may be padded with PRO WRESTLING bouts. The obsessive MMATorch guys give the goods, pointing out what should be obvious to anyone with half a brain: ‘Trip Shatfires’ is not a real name (as much as I’d love it to be) and the IWIA isn’t an MMA org but a pro wresting org. Past that, MMATorch has pointed out two more matches which are most likely bogus:

Wayne Weems’ last win is listed as an armbar submission victory over Josh Sobeck (real name Josh Reimers) at Midwest King of the Ring 33 on November 2, 2006. Here’s a recap of a February 2005 pro wrestling show where Nathan Ironside (real name Wayne Weems) beat Josh Sobeck by armbar submission. Since the dates are a year and a half apart, this doesn’t prove anything, but it’s funny that Weems beat Sobeck the same way in an MMA match as he did in a pro wrestling match, and that Sobeck is listed in the Fight Finder under his pro wrestling name.

If you go back to the SCW Website, you can see Johnny Wisdom is listed among the pro wrestling roster with Wayne Weems. Weems is credited with a submission win over Johnny Wisdom on October 26, 2006. Like Trip Shatfires, Wisdom has an 0-1 MMA record with a loss to Wayne Weems. Like Josh Sobeck, Wisdom’s also had pro wrestling matches with Weems.

So I suppose we can just count the days before we’ll see the result ‘TKO : Chair Shots’ as a result in the Sherdog Fight Finder. Thank God ESPN has teamed up with this bastion of accurate MMA sports reporting.