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Way to go, frenchy

If you were wondering what the fuck that ugly shit was on James Thompson’s back, it turns out that it was supposed to be an advertisement:

Fashion designer Christian Audigier is trying to make inroads in MMA, but the two fighters who wore temporary tattoos for his website,, didn’t have a good night when Phil Baroni and Thompson lost.

Audigier, who has designed for brands such as Levi’s, Diesel, Lee, American Eagle Outfitters and Von Dutch, is expected to launch a line of MMA wear. Because the tattoo ink wasn’t dark and strong enough, it was hard to decipher on the telecast.

“The sport can use a big-time designer like Christian Audigier and his marketing genius,” says Joe Lear, president of Big Boxing Inc., of the Frenchman.

Yes, you are a marketing genius for copying an advertising technique that has been used for years – and still managing to fuck it up. You can now collect your prize along with the dopes from the IFL, whoever put Kimbo on the Country Music Awards, and every other person who doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

**CORRECTION** Second correction of the day, I must be rusty! I once again mixed up the names of James “The Colossus” Thompson and Josh “The Punk” Thomson. Jake has officially put me on notice that any more mistakes like this will result in a slap to the face.

  • Fatal Error says:

    I think you mean James Thompson. Hmm, Ed Hardy fight shorts, so I can look like even more of a douche with my purple mohawk and tribal armband tats.

  • Tertio says:

    You just made GSP angry.

  • #1 Jackal says:

    i didnt see the tattoos untill now. fighters have so many tattoos on them that i dont pay attention half the time

  • garth says:

    eez not good, calling someone ‘frenchee’

  • Paul says:

    The James/Josh mistake AGAIN? He had a new skull and crossbones above his bellybutton that must also have been some kind of advert.
    Good luck finding an advert amongst Baroni’s real tattoos anyway.

  • Dangerfield says:

    I think it’s pretty cool. If I were a fighter I’d sell half my body in temp tatoos each fight.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Bitch slap or pimp slap?

  • Stellar53 says:

    You better tape the slapping, we all know it is going to happen eventually

  • crs says:

    The tats were nearly low enough on them to look like tramp stamps. Not good first time marketing.