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Watching your son getting mauled

Esther shares a story (and some pictures) from the TUF 10 Finale:

Matt Hammill’s mother and girlfriend were seated directly behind me, and as Hammill lay on the mat after receiving endless blows, his mother wailed, and I waffled, chickening out of taking a photo of her, as her cries were so loud, other photographers were looking away because the sobs were so incredibly sad to hear. I still hear her and see her in my head, Hammill’s girlfriend holding her, softly saying, “He’s all right, he’s all right,” while UFC staff were coordinating over walkies to find someone to escort her away from the cage.

Although technically this still falls under the “Matt Hamill overcomes adversity to win” category, I don’t think it’s quite as heartwarming or inspirational as his other stories.