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Watching TUF is for chumps

Okay, I know soon enough I’ll have to start taking this whole ‘website’ thing seriously and begin covering more than just what I care about. But while I can get away with it, I’m gonna keep avoiding The Ultimate Fighter and not talking about it. Because it sucks big hairy balls.

One thing I will do though is cover TUF6 contestant Mac Danzig’s columns on the episodes. “Wordsmith” is not a term I would use to describe many fighters … most “TUF Diaries” read like grade 3 remedial english book reports with little to no insight. You can really tell who’s brain is run by a hampster on a wheel by checking out these things. But Mac’s is different: every time he gives a lot of insight that you can’t get out of just watching the show.

I remember talking to Joey that morning before our team left for practice and he said something to me like,”Hey man, when this is all over, we’ll be chillin’ together.” I really didn’t understand that he was gonna take off. When we got back from practice that morning, we learned that Joey was gone. This didn’t sit too well with me. It made me realize how negative the effects of being on the show were, and how being in the house was so bad it forced Joey to give up on any of his dreams of fighting for the UFC.It may sound stupid, but this caused me to break down a little bit and change the way I felt about being there.As you will see in future episodes, I was not the happiest of campers.

It definitely is an interesting concept … how miserable does a person have to be to give up their dream like that? The guys that quit and walk away never come back. They might give Danny Abbadi a preliminary match on a TUF finale, but if you quit TUF your chances of fighting in the UFC again are down there with chances of a happy resolution to this Iraq thing. And yeah, I know every time I want to compare something to a hopeless situation, I use Iraq. If you guys can help me out with some alternative comparisons that’d be great because I can’t keep using Iraq for the next 5 to 10 years!

  • marshal says:

    You could use the Rosie O’Donnell on Jenny Craig analogy.

  • marshal says:

    Were his house mates molesting him off camera? Was a loved one being held hostage on account he never enter the cage again? Is he closet EMO? I don’t understand…

  • Tommy says:

    Look I’m not trying to talk like a tough guy but this is plum dumb pussiness. I’ve spent 6-7 years of my life behind bars and dealt with that just fine. I’m not saying it’s fun but come on man, man the fuck up. 6 little fucking weeks and it’s too hard for you? You can go outside, train with people that all have a common intrest, meet heros and role models and all I hear is crying that it’s too damn hard? That’s your sign your no ‘fighter’. Maybe a competor but when the going gets a little tuf you fold and cry like girls. Too many of these people have no clue what fighting is. I’m telling you Dana tries out these guys the wrong way. You ask me to do some wrestling move and I’ll look at you stupid. Ask me to kick someones ass and I can do that, well. You can teach me a move but you can’t teach heart and desire.

  • garth says:

    tommy: that’s what they call gameness isn’t it…pretty much courage, heart, whatever. i don’t hold with comparing it to girls tho, i’ve known some tough, hardcore chicks who will stand in no matter what.
    that guy joey folded like a scared kid who wanted his xbox.

    fightlinker: i think you can use the Iraq comparison for the next 5-10 years, unfortunately.

  • weedsmoker says:

    you can say “it’s hopeless like britteny getting her kids back”o

  • marco9690 says:

    Hopeless, like Rosie findin’ her string……sorry…my bad

  • shanaconda says:

    I really appreciated the link to Mac’s blogs, I have been reading them since and they definitely provide interesting insight. Doesn’t anyone (other than Mac) have anything to say about the particularly “Jiu-Jitsu, it’s only gay if you make eye contact” moments with Marc and Billy during the weight cutting. The guys who put together the show must have been laughing their asses off in the editing room when they put that together.

  • kermit.01 says:

    Its 6 weeks. Its not a year, or several years. He’s being given a chance and threw it away. I spent 13 weeks at Boot to become a Marine, and lets not mention all the deployment time. I didn’t get paid nearly as well as any of the fighters in the UFC. If 6 weeks with a few guys in a million dollar house, with the best training, and any food you want is enough to make you give up your ‘dream’ then you sir are a huge pussy.

    Seriously I say my family once in 13 months, for 5 days– 6 weeks and whining about his girl, what a fucking loser.

  • Tommy says:

    The guy is funny to me. If you don’t trust her enough to chill for six weeks while living at your parents house to stay faithful or in love with you, you don’t have anything anyway. What are you gonna do stay up her ass 24/7 forever? On top of that even she will have to call him a pussy and lose respect for him knowing he couldn’t man up for six little weeks and watching him whine like a Punk. Maybe he should give Josh a call.

  • marshal says:

    I figured it out! His meth dealer wouldn’t come to the house. Explains everything.

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    “Doesn’t anyone (other than Mac) have anything to say about the particularly “Jiu-Jitsu, it’s only gay if you make eye contact” moments with Marc and Billy during the weight cutting. ”

    I just got around to watching it and oh I noticed. It was hilarious. “we aren’t wrestling…we are just doing this” LMAO.

  • bmiller says:

    You could use the whole, as hopeless as a midget being by himself on a elevator and trying to get to the 20th floor.

    As hopeless as a gay guy living in Wyoming.

    As hopeless as the Hurricane Katrina “victims” ever being satisfied for all the help that they have received.

    I will think of more later for you, I am kinda in a stump right now…..

  • marshal says:

    As hopeless as Joey getting out of a triangle chock?

    Serra: Joey don’t you tap, don’t you tap!
    Joe: I tapped.
    Serra lifts legs behind head.
    Serra: That’s OK, now lick papas asshole.