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Watch TUF Brazil 2 contestant Ronaldo Oliveira beat up a bus driver

The roster for the Nogueira and Werdum coached TUF Brazil 2 season has just been released and it didn’t take long for dirt to be dug up on some of the contestants. No Maquiel Falcao level stuff (yet), but here’s a video of Ronaldo Oliveira hitting a bus driver with his car and then beating the dude up.

Yeah, it sounds pretty bad. But then again, the bus driver is being a pretty huge dick too, grabbing into Ronaldo’s car, busting off the side mirror, and kicking the car. Pretty sure that’ll get your ass kicked by any proper ‘Murican too, and this is Brazil we’re talking about. According to Joe Rogan, they all suffer from a disease spread by cat piss that causes uncontrollable rage. It’s like Vulcans and Pon Farr, man. Once something like this gets started, a fist fight needs to happen.

The rest of the welterweight TUF lineup after the jump. Best nicknames (because all Brazilian fighters have nicknames, dawg): Big Big, El Rasta, and Jambo.

Bruno “Jacare” Dias (11-3-1)
Cleiton “Foguete” Duarte (12-1)
Daniel “Gelo” Oliveira de Azeredo (4-1)
David Vieira (4-0)
Felipe Olivieri (11-4)
Gil Freitas (14-5)
Henrique “Sucuri” Batista (4-0)
Juliano “Ninja” Wandalen (7-3)
Leandro “Buscape” Silva (5-0)
Leonardo Santos (11-3)
Luciano Contini (8-1)
Luiz Jorge “Besouro” Dutra Jr. (11-2-1)
Marcio “Pedra” Santos (4-0)
Neilson Gomes (14-2)
Pedro Irie (9-5-0)
Roberto Barros “Corvo” Martins Amorim (6-1)
Robson “Negao” Ferreira (4-0)
Ronaldo “Rony Silva” Oliveira Silva (3-0)
Santiago “El Rasta” Ponzinibbio (18-1)
Thiago “Bel” Silva (9-3-1)
Thiago “Marreta” de Lima Santos (8-1)
Thiago “Jambo” Goncalves (15-3)
Tiago “Unstoppable” Alves (3-0)
Viscardi Andrade (13-5)
Wande Lopes Santana (6-0)
Weguimar “Big Big” de Lucena Xavier (17-5-1)
William “Patolino” Macario (6-0)
Yan Cabral (10-0)