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Watch the weigh-ins and see Rich Franklin’s once robust form descend into a desiccated corpse

Miss the UFC on FUEL 6 weigh-ins yesterday? Don’t know what all the Rich Franklin fuss is about? Check it out, and you be the judge if it was a bad idea for a 38 year old guy to make the rather large drop back down to a division he hasn’t competed in since 2008.

Personally, I think Rich looked like a tweaker they pulled out of a Kansas City flophouse after a 60 day crystal meth binge. If Rich is looking for a potential role on The Walking Dead, I get it, way to prepare for the future. Franklin did star in the mega-hit, Cyborg Soldier beside Kelly Kapowski, so the dude can get his act on. But it’s just not a good look for him. On a positive note, at least he ditched the ridiculous Dumb and Dumber hairdo.

There are some other gems in this video as well. You’ll get to see Dominick Cruz try to impress Brian Stann with his military analogy of UFC global domination, the bikini bottoms Bruce Leroy sports that look they were crafted from a cheap garbage bag, and Stanislav Nedkov’s pink socks. Believe me, you do not want to miss a scary looking eastern European guy in pink socks. And all the while, Stann, Cruz, and Gareth Davies keep popping in to offer little factoids ranging from individual fight strengths to hobbies such as hunting crabs.

(pic via Letibleu)