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Watch the IFL over the internet for free (legally)

Another partnership for the IFL that’s like putting a bandaid on an axe wound: has learned that the IFL is set to announce a partnership with iPTV service provider NeuLion. iPTV is television content that is delivered through broadband computer networks instead of traditional broadcast or cable formats. NeuLion has already successfully launched iPTV networks for the NHL and New York Knicks among others.

The IFL Network will offer live events and video on demand. The network is currently ad supported, but the partnership also supports pay-per-view, registration, and future subscriptions.

This is actually pretty cool, and the first thing they’ve announced in a while that I actually give a bit of a shit about. Unlike the 5000 deals with Muscle Milk and dumbass popcorn manufacturers, this is a partnership that actually gives us fans something. As much as I rag on the IFL, I’m always holding out that they’ll turn things around, stop shooting themselves in the foot, and stop making me feel ashamed for watching their events. But if you can’t stop the shame, you might as well make it easier to watch right?

The IFL has done a pretty good job of making their product available for all to see. Now they just have to try and convert that so they can make some money off it. An ‘ad supported’ internet model isn’t about to save the company … they really need to STOP thinking outside the box and concentrate on where most other promotions make their money: the live gate.

  • garth says:

    who knows…maybe they can turn it around. but it also seems that gates in the US are likely to drop across the board while our economy continues its slow swirl around the toilet bowl.