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Watch some Sengoku fights

If you’re looking for some Sengoku videos then you can find them here. Here’s the fights they have in order of best to worst:

  1. Ronnie Mann vs. Hatsu Hioki
  2. Michihiro Omigawa vs. Nam Phan
  3. Michael Costa vs. Makoto Takimoto
  4. Maximo Blanco vs. Akihiko Mori
  5. “Xande” Ribeiro vs. Keiichiro Yamamiya
  6. Marlon Sandro vs. Nick Denis
  7. Stanislav Nedkov vs. Travis Wiuff

I wouldn’t bother watching Nedkov vs Wiuff unless you’ve got a ball crushing fetish. Lots of entertaining fights there otherwise. You won’t be disappointed by the first three on that list for sure.