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Watch Kenny Florian wring every ounce of liquid out of his body

Watch Kenny Florian wring every ounce of liquid out of his body

Ryan Loco shares some pictures with Vice from Kenny Florian’s second cut down the 145 to fight Jose Aldo.

I was with Kenny in Houston the following October for his championship fight with Jose Aldo at UFC 136. That’s when I finally got to see his weight-cutting process in person, and I realized what a tremendous toll it was taking on his body. Very rarely am I affected by anything I see in MMA. I’ve seen so many injuries and what not; they just roll right off me. But sitting in a hotel bathroom watching Kenny try to get rid of every ounce of water in his body will stay with me forever.

To be honest, it was one of those moments when I wasn’t sure I should even be taking a photograph. I’ve been a part of a lot of weight cuts, but this was different. This was darker somehow. You could tell someone–his family members, his coaches–wanted to say something to break the uneasy silence, but instead we just sat there.

Kenny later admitted that the cut to 145 was a nightmare that ended up borking his thyroid and contributing to his decision to retire. So what you’re witnessing in Ryan Loco’s pictures is a man sweating a few years worth of athletic opportunity out of his body.

(pic by Ken Pishna for MMA Weekly)

  • Jiiri says:

    They should move to something like weigh-ins an hour before the event. I’ve never understood it. It’s like an unnecessary arms race where everyone has to do the same thing for no advantage, just because everyone else is doing it.