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Watch Alistair Overeem take an injection

We joke about all of Alistair Overeem’s steroid crap showing up on the next episode of The Reem, his slickly produced docu-vlog. But who needs a new episode when you’ve already got footage from The Reem episode 4 of Alistair visiting Dr. Hector Oscar Molina and getting injected by him? This is from before the Werdum fight, and I wonder if the guy secretly mixed anything in with his shots that time too?

After the jump, the entire Overeem portion of the NSAC hearing. If you wanna hear for yourself how bullcrap his story is, there’s no better way than going straight to the source.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Tre looks drugged to the gills in that still frame.

    I wanna go through and watch that testimony since I’ve been curious since following the live coverage, but I also don’t wanna sit through that much bullshit.

  • Jeremy says:

    Remember when everyone went on and on about him being clean and how there is no proof of anything following his Strikeforce bouts, and the Lesnar bout? LOL @ those people.