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Bloody Elbow has pictures of Scott Coker back when he had hair! Glorious hair! And after the jump, a gif from Scott’s days as a kung fu henchman in Jet Li’s Dragon Fight.

  • dulljake says:

    Does this now make Scott Coker cool?

  • SST says:

    Coker vs White

    Make it happen!

  • glassjawsh says:

    dude’s got no ground game

  • agentsmith says:

    Who do you think put on more weight, Coker or Dana?

  • UberShmact says:

    ……it’s pretty cool.

  • 32hunter says:

    blaf 2.

  • AZ Bored says:

    You guys are prolly a bit young to remember but he has an uncanny resemblance to John Belushi.

  • Omomatta says:


  • summitekdua says:

    , You bastard! ! ! \In order to protect this country’s fighting this cheap thing, there is simply not once before, before I started, now and before, the things I have only the same protection has never been changed! ! ! ! \, Jin help \looking out the window, did not answer the question man, wearing a purple kimono in the hands of men continue to impact the shamisen strings are so tight moment, but I got a man with dark glasses to capture a trace of messy collection sounds

    from the hands of the shamisen strings, slowly to the door

    \\The house is now everything is quiet rare, simply because the other two members are not replaced at this time sitting on the sofa drinking tea around wig and strange creatures

    \? The original group of civil strife is the newly elected Takasugi out out ah! \I began to think that just an ordinary civil strife also did not expect was planned that guy is really trouble \\How are you going to do? \>
    \\just advise you that some things best not to get close to, or to the end will only hurt yourself \hair, when you guys get so sentimental, and some do not want you, ah! \The earth fourteen Lang, you ….\I was the kind of person, you should be very clear, so there are some of your worries are unnecessary \
    \A bank can not my cup of tea extra treat you ah! Wig \How many times I said do not call me by that nickname! ! \

    finished, turned and left the house

    everything on the streets of Edo, everywhere dressed in black, members of the new electoral group, almost all out, caused such a scene around the people talking about the

    \! ! \Long after the deputy became more severe as the \! \and saw a touch of silver, rare earth did not bickering, with a team to move forward, and moving slowly toward silver silver at this time when the

    street stalls when sitting on eating balls, all of a sudden burst of low pressure close to himself, turned and saw the earth stand in their own eyes, as if shocked by an unexpected situation, to eat the ball stuck in the throat, mouth, silver seemed to breathe when you feel the same force patting his chest, saw the situation when the silver,u boat watches, earth puzzled asked

    \Asshole natural volume \A silver I like scary ah! ! Multiple strings bastard! ! ! \! \True, A silver rest of my life almost ruined \look, look up the natural volume to the opposite, this time with a puzzled look now look at their own

    \A silver in my pocket,iwc watches, but can not clean, clean, and you should be very clear now! \could not believe when looking at the opposite side of earth that look as if watching a scary alien organisms, which makes us very uncomfortable, vice grow up people

    \! Volume of natural bastard! ! \, as if some people treat what I heard, it will not be multi-string king! Ha ha ha \! You did not catch you! Bastard natural volume, return your last save my job, that …. thank you \

    look up at the face of the distress of the earth, when silver understand, this guy had to do that thanks to ah! really not honest guy

    \To thank ah, that I will blunt the Arab Bank, but since it is more than generous string of Jun, of course can not eat these things, and with the Arab Bank of me! Multiple strings Jun \themselves have never seen such a man can eat sweets, not even the women have not seen it! not into the scalp Some tingling

    think the opposite, but this did not feel, did not have time to swallow mouth strawberry cake, right again on the side of the waiter

    \! \I will not deadbeat, \so too were not doing it! \\The guy really did not pursue \This can be happy every day is not over it! \
    \Let go of me, you idiot natural volume \Can not put ah! Because then there are things to help Mr. moving it! \I’m hungry Aru \May look for a job now! \When I saw his face smiles Silver said

    \ah? This is not Mr. earth you! ! \However, the silver side Sang does not seem to feel any natural bright smile, the new eight not only swallowed

    \Yo! \\Who is the tax thieves ah! \the natural look of smirking idiot volume in touch his poor purse, feeling more certain

    \On when to celebrate your old job back \want to stay, when to begin their own with such a change, skip, no meeting, which has never before had, in the end is what changed it yourself, but also perhaps what people themselves are not very earth At this time everything is clear

    house, any who come will feel that they are not in the wrong house, and said that this house temporarily which three are not usually normal, and if people see a ghost known as the Vice Lang fourteen long earth looks like now, it will certainly feel that they are not given with glasses, because the sight that gives the impression that it is a bit weird

    moving the upper body at this time the new uniforms have been selected groups Write to the unknown corner of the hand still holding the bottle was empty, it is not the image lying on the ground, stretching into a non-specification while the other three characters

    not much better

    \A pass is not Miss it! I’m your fan ah! ! \Daddy, your hair grow a lot of Oh! \is their favorite strawberry cake, but fortunately this time the God of music, confusion, or he must be in bliss all the

    four houses have two people in the unconscious, while the other two have long hair with delirious drunken

    Well, I’m old Arab Bank it! At first when I was younger, but drink all over the invincible hand ah! What’s

    suddenly, silver when you feel some difficulty breathing, as if something pressed on the body, and heavy breath makes, huh? Is this the legendary ghost presses!!

    feel at this time when silver body cold sweat, ghost pressure in his body, his mouth suddenly felt as if bitten by something! silver mirror when without warning, opened his eyes, in his gray eyes was a pair of glasses, that look is God is as beautiful, as if his eyes were going to be bothered by ghosts in the eyes as

    could be so pretty ah! pair of glasses is silver amazed when, suddenly does not feel right!

    then resorted to their own bank when all the strength, the force of his body were open, and the people who obviously are immersed in a kiss just does not reflect over the results of the focus of the whole person to the back, the first heavy and the earth come to a close contact

    \Hurts like a \How dare the time while I was unconscious of my bank account A cheap bastard ah! ! \>
    \\not a small thing has been blow themselves surprised to be the guy to kiss!!

    earth blinked, suddenly widened instantly

    \the \let go of the prisoners, which in the end is how the story ah!!!

    earth lit a cigarette, cool slightly more sober himself, hateful! actually do such a thing, the next to see that guy, his face to where to put ah!

    the chagrin of the earth to accelerate the pace toward the direction of newly elected group of new electoral group headed

    accelerate the pace towards the earth at this time the room went Kondo, yesterday did not meet, do not know what the task, thinking about yesterday, moving his head that the more pain, well, or even think about the

    \Do what you do unspeakable things? \Fourth, just you come, has the task of \There was a not a small deal, fourth, tomorrow to you, \br> \No problem \smoke emission of earth mercilessly loud explosion

    recall election in the whole group

    all new housing

    \! \
    \Mr. earth \Like tomatoes, quickly wipe her face with a towel, he wiped his mouth, \\light raised his hand, indicating the men who are ready, ready to be shot

    vessel reached the shore, a black man from the ship went down, moving instantly recognized the man, black clothes, behind carrying a shamisen strings, with headphones and sunglasses, when civil strife is the last team with the attempted assassination of ghost soldiers on the river Kondo million Qi

    \Any time a person can feel the heavy atmosphere

    \Do not joke, you want a person ideally thunder it? Stop dreaming, earth, Mr. \General Jones, who was that we all know, even I am not sure to win ah! \black man walks breath

    disembark, slightly waved on board who disembarked slowly move the goods, no one noticed the person’s face with sunglasses that touch of a smile

    \come to you coming out now! Select group of new Members \players swarm of people with the Ghost team up to fight Kanxiang

    moving scenes together on the river million, was easily escape


    \not reflect the time came, suddenly felt all the strength the same as if being sucked away, slowly kneeling on the ground, supporting the body with the sword, how is this going on, is it, earth to see to their wounds and look to the million across the river on the river

    million Qi Qi has the sword back into its original position

    \see you, the command must be alive the next, so only a temporary paralysis of what you just \

    difficult to look up the earth to the bow, a purple figure appeared in the moon’s illumination, not see the face, but any man can see his lips then touch of proud smile

    \! \Go! ! Go! ! \! ! ! \chase does not matter? Takasugi adults, so that is going to solve them! \Oh, \the voice sounded broken glass, silver and when looking at the pieces, there is a sense of foreboding, feel the night sky look out the window

    cloudy weather variation can not help people’s feelings, especially feelings who have been very heavy this time

    new electoral group, was inexplicable atmosphere of the newly elected group

    Secretary Kondo watching now face a serious risk one’s life companion of these , and always had something to sleep goggles captain general of paddy fields without the usual lazy Wu, sat, knelt in the Kondo abject apology in front of the general

    \I have a responsibility \your fault, is too difficult to deal with this enemy, I am the effect, and you go and do something about the wound it! After injury, they still have to keep a good fourth save it \br>
    \So I saved you can Do not die before you! \breathing, to be gradually clear sense of their own, moving his limbs can be concluded that chained, let alone escape, can not even move about, suddenly, feel the earth keen insight in this room in addition to their accident There is also a person

    \In this way you have some really rude awake ah! \Lo-like bloodthirsty smile

    earth’s narrowed eyes slowly come to their own people

    \\\I guess you really like the idea of a madman, \You really like it, I think you will not be strange to him now! Vice-grown earth people \chin, let him look into his eyes squint

    Takasugi up, looked at the earth with great interest

    \Deputy grew up moving, I would like to know what \> \\\finished, ghostly eyes lost in the earth, earth tired eyes closed, ignoring what is about to face torture

    goggles with the red field lying in bed, turned a body,panerai watches, then pulled it off goggles, put on his coat and left the newly elected group

    all housing

    \As always looked at the newspaper

    \Occasionally, those tax thieves have to do some practical ah! Otherwise, the tax has become a veritable thief \What worries for the glaucoma bastard na! now just like a worried husband cheating wife the same! so, what is this strange analogy ah! It looked silver I have recently been afflicted with high blood sugar had some mental disorder < br>
    is this time, suddenly the doorbell rings, open the door to go see the new eight-come

    \Mr. moving it? \ah, this is not always a Musical do, how will today come to my house ah it all! \expression

    \Yes, the new eight, you go back to buy a few bottles of strawberry milk, there is also run out of toilet paper at home, ah, God, music, not today go for a walk with a spring set, go! Otherwise it also fallen out \the front of the boy

    \quietly listening to all this, then either there is no expression of his face, heard the earth was Takasugi, when caught, when Silver had to admit that my heart missed a beat as if

    Humph! more Jun string, when you are so important to the Arab Bank I, even I do not know Ah silver, silver hearts when their own self-deprecating

    \No, I think you and Takasugi is not only the understanding of the relationship as if it! I am here to please the boss you, please help Mr. earth \Takasugi, you really hit the bane of my ah! as long as you do not appear to associate good

    \You still go back! A silver it I can not do, although I also want to make a ah! But with more money than it is important that life, ah, so you go back! A silver I am afraid it can not do anything \! \\br> \sigh

    Edo night lights, everything is out of the house trio and

    \\\There are many people around the river, the river has numerous vessels

    quietly when standing on the shore of silver, slowly recall things in the past, it is Resisting the Foreigners there are three common destiny of their own before companion, natural wigs stay, ah ha ha ha chen Ma, as well as all day blankly Takasugi

    remember the time that he was a great curiosity, like the cold repair Zloty out of the question

    \\put half a \, and its also like a fool, can not help but sigh

    say some helpless when silver

    \Is your boss usually teach all you ah! \Yasha you sip a cup of adults, I hope you can compliment to \I’m sorry ah! A silver which I would like to find my two children! Not empty \turned around, silver Mouzhong flashed red when a trace of lazy murderous, but instantly disappeared

    \Is not the wine you drink, as out of this trouble you, all right! A silver I told you to go, just a little something to find that guy \White Yaksha adults \gun salute in the air, gorgeous bloom, colorful colors shine with a happy smile on every face

    shamisen strings with the sound getting closer, when you understand that the silver is coming destinations, and really, good celebration, why do they have to, and that guy, \pace, standing in a door, through the paper door can clearly hear the sound of the piano string shamisen,

    seems to gently knock on the door rang

    \adults, white adults has reached Yasha \light, opened the paper door on the silver behind said

    \White Yaksha adults \skin and delicate collarbone, a leg support in the sill, a white bandage wrapped injured left eye, the only one with gray glasses, looking out the window view of the lively and beautiful dazzling fireworks, his face still bears enchanting charm and dangerous smile

    silver not only in the mind when the sigh, and now to see how these guys are not like they know Takasugi Shinsaku help ah! really is time is getting na! ah decide? A silver I how to tell an old man may have, really,gucci, A silver energetic young I can still do

    looking out the window a long time has finally turned from the window Takasugi moved to the front of the people will feel when silver attention shift a bit, the two have not always been on the line of sight, no way, in front of the Takasugi, silver always have a kind of time feeling guilty, feeling himself in front of him is always at a disadvantage,louis vuitton replica, really hate na, so This guy was sick and tired of being alone when ah

    see the performance of silver, Takasugi mouth smile deeper, or you have not changed, silver, the last time, and wigs, even if the guy that would kill No! Help?

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  • catnu621 says:

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    Behind the scenes with queue dodging

    When they see that their foes are in an arena, queue dodgers will quickly queue up for an arena, attempting to hit any team other than the one they are avoiding. When the enemy team leaves arena, they will quickly leave the arena queue, therefore dodging the possibility of being paired up against the superior enemies.

    I’ve personally engaged in queue dodging a few times when I started playing competitively but decided it wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m of the school of thought that fighting teams that are very challenging for your own will only make you better players. The enemy team has a weakness; you can find it and exploit it. By not playing certain opponents, you set yourself up for a loss of potential knowledge, which is far worse than the loss of team rating.

    Queue dodging,tiffany, as far as I know, is 100 percent legal. That being said,nhl jerseys, leaving the arena queue when another team queues up makes you a worse arena player overall, and I would not recommend it.

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    When you start your arena team, immediately shift to a raid and give everyone raid markings that correspond to his class. Warlocks are purple diamonds, rogues are yellow stars, druids are orange circles, etc. Giving everyone a mark that corresponds to his class will help you to remember who is who instead of randomly assigning different marks every time you get together to play.

    Because there are 10 classes but only eight raid markings, there will be some overlap between who gets which icon. We use the red X for warriors and death knights, the blue square for mages and shaman, the purple christian louboutin shoes diamond for warlocks and paladins (whenever I play on my warlock or my paladin, I always get the purple diamond, because I love that icon), and the skull for the odd man out. That is, if we’re playing with both a death knight and a warrior, we might give our death knight the red X while giving the warrior the skull.

    Use Arenajunkies recruitment page

    If you haven’t been to yet, check it out. I find maybe 40 percent of teammates on my own server and perhaps the other 60 percent on the AJ recruitment page. Yes, it’s really that awesome.

    You can invite people to your server. Occasionally you’ll find an all-star applicant who wants to come play with you. That’s awesome. It’s even more awesome if you’re not bound to your server with your raiding guild or something like that.

    Lots of possibilities open up when you put yourself out there. I’ve met so many fantastic people both in terms of PvP prowess and just overall friendliness through the AJ recruitment page. Occasionally, you’ll meet the bad apple who is just looking for people to carry them; make sure you do your homework before transferring! (More on this in a future article.)

    Transfer to a different battlegroup

    Think of small battlegroups like AA schools and larger battlegroups like AAAAA schools. Larger battlegroups generally have stronger competition at the highest levels. The strongest teams from smaller battlegroups can still do very well on large battlegroups. In Season 6, a holyplay composition (restoration shaman, discipline priest, retribution paladin) achieved rank 1 on Emberstorm (the smallest U.S. battlegroup), transferred to Bloodlust (the largest U.S. battlegroup) and took rank 1 there as well.

    Historically, it’s been easier to achieve gladiator in smaller battlegroups. Emberstorm and Retaliation have poor reputations within the arena community because of their very small size. Some people have gone so far as to say that a duelist team on Bloodlust could achieve rank 1 on Emberstorm. I’m certainly not of that opinion, but I have found the smaller battlegroups to be far more relaxed than the larger ones — and as that larger battlegroups are home to more self-inflated egos.

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  • moons7254 says:

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