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Wassup with Georges’ knee

Georges St Pierre’s doctor lays out the skinny on his ACL injury, how Georges got it and what’s gonna have to be done to fix it:

“Georges went on and did his physical therapy and rehab and everything went perfectly. He recovered completely from the injury to the left knee. He started back training and while doing wrestling, he tried to defend a takedown and at that time, he suffered a hyperextension on the right knee. He felt pain and he heard a crack inside his knee at that time. It was terrible to walk and there was not much swelling on the knee so he tried to continue training but in the few days after, he felt the pain and the instability was increasing so he called me, he was in Vegas and we did an MRI on Monday morning. I saw Georges yesterday with the results of the MRI and the physical exam that I did confirmed that Georges suffered a complete tear of his ACL and a small tear of his internal meniscus on the right knee, which is not the same knee that he suffered the sprained MCL in mid-October.”

“Considering the instability and the pain, surgery for Georges is mandatory. There’s no way he can compete with the problem on the right knee. We’re looking at doing an ACL reconstruction with meniscal repair. The technique that’s going to be used is the technique of anatomical ACL reconstruction, which is the best technique for this kind of injury.”

“I’m expecting a full recovery for Georges within 6-9 months. The success rate for this surgery is above 95 percent. I’ve been the treating doctor for Georges for five years now and I did two surgeries on him already for elbow endoscopy. His recovery rate is completely off the charts. He has an amazing genetics and he has extraordinary physical capabilities and I know Georges has the discipline and the determination that’s gonna allow him to be back to the same level of competition that he was before the injury.”

Full recovery is what every doctor and fighter says when an injury like this happens, but it’s the beginning of the end when fighters start blowing out these key knee ligaments. Even with the best surgery and rehab it’s unlikely that GSP will come back 100%. We all remember fighters who came back looking completely different (Shogun, I’m looking at you). Is Georges immune to this?