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Wassup in Japan

Nightmare of Battle has the DREAM and Sengoku schedules for 2009, so now you have a general idea of what’s going to be happening in Japan this year. Here’s DREAM’s details:

2009 DREAM Schedule

* March 8th – DREAM.7 – Saitama Super Arena
* April 5th – DREAM.8 – Nippon Gaishi Hall
* May – DREAM.9 – Somewhere in Kanto
* July – DREAM.10 – Somewhere in Kanto
* September – DREAM.11 – Somewhere in Kanto
* October – DREAM.12 – Not decided
* December 31st – Dynamite!! – Saitama Super Arena

Other Information

* The weight of the DREAM Featherweight division will be somewhere between 62 and 64 kg.
* The Welterweight GP will consist of 8 participants.
* The Welterweight GP finals will be in July and the Featherweight GP finals will be in September.
* The May and September events will get a prime time slot on TBS. The rest will be shown late at night.

And here’s Sengoku:

WVR PR Kuniyasu said at the press conference today that 6 events are being planned for 2009. They will be in March, Early May, July, August, September, and November (plus SENGOKU NO RAN 2010 in early 2010).

So while it doesn’t look like either promotion is going to explode and create a new MMA revolution in the East, at least it seems like they’ll be keeping the ball rolling. And hey, who knows? If Ishii is for real, then there’s a very good possibility that the UFC might make the trip over there by the end of the year to really shake things up.