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Wand wants Chuck wants Rashad wants Quinton wants Forrest

Things are still hazy regarding the future of the light heavyweight division. UFC 92 featured two very important fights to sort out the best amongst the cash cows of the 205 division, while later this month we get to see if Shogun Rua still has it and who’s the next real deal at 205 – Lyoto Machida or Thiago Silva. Oh and I guess there’s Franklin vs Hendo as well, but that doesn’t mean spit in the long run considering the winner ‘wins’ several months of purgatory on The Ultimate Fighter.

While the UFC is still waiting for things to shake out over the next two weeks, the fighters are all starting to get in touch with their inner matchmakers. The title of this post says it all, but let me go a bit more in depth, if not only to help you kill a few more minutes of time before you get off work:

Wanderlei Silva is making the case for another showdown with Chuck Liddell before he takes what seems to be an inevitable trip down to 185. Chuck on the other hand seems more interested in avenging his losses than recreating his wins … first he was shooting for Keith Jardine but sadly enough, Keith is too high up on the ladder now. That hasn’t stopped Chuck from picking another obvious target: new champ Rashad Evans. Yeeaaaah, good choice, mister 1-3 over the past 4 fights!

Of course, Rashad didn’t mention anything about Chuck when he was asked by the guys from TAGG Radio who he wanted to fight. Surprisingly enough, he had two names: Quinton Jackson and Lyoto Machida. The first one is a no-brainer so long as Dana White is as confident as he’s claiming to be that Jackson won’t end up in jail over that time he Neer-ed from the cops. Otherwise, it’s not too bad of an idea to give Machida his title shot now while Rashad holds the belt. Sure, it’s PPV poison, but at least you’re not having to risk losing an uber-popular champion.

And last but not least, Quinton Jackson has said the belt is nice but revenge is better. Even though he says he felt that he shoud have won the decision against Forrest Griffin, the fight still apparently haunts him whenever he looks in the mirror, so he’d rather get a do-over on that one. Considering it was at least partially responsible for a complete mental breakdown, I’m not surprised it still haunts him.

So there ya go, there’s the state of the light heavyweight division for you.