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Was Kimo involved?

The strange story of Kimo’s pseudo-death continues, and now the focus is starting to come onto Kimo and his crew over some of the strange little oddities in how they responded:

Leopoldo, who denied being part of the rumors and said it wasn’t part of a “gimmick” or marketing ploy, chastised the media for spreading the bogus information.

“Right here is evidence, proof of the power of the media, the influence the media has and also how they really haven’t been accountable and responsible with the reporting,” Leopoldo said.

(It’s worth noting, though, that representatives for Leopoldo – even after confirming he was alive – would not immediately communicate the news to media outlets, including, and instead kept referencing an upcoming press conference. In fact, after posted its initial story to report Leopoldo was alive, someone claiming to be his manager wrote to us and said, “There is no confirmation Kimo has not passed. We will be holding a press conference at 5 p.m.” So why intentionally mislead the media – especially when we’re talking about a human life?)

At this point the only question is whether or not Kimo was involved with starting this whole thing or if he’s just guilty of taking the ball and running with it once he realized how much people gave a shit. Either way, now that we know that he’s not dead we can go back to ignoring him like he was.