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Was Karo’s 32k fine fair?

Zach Arnold got me thinking about the way commissions suspend and fine fighters for different kinds of drugs, specifically how Karo Parisyan was treated compared to everyone else who’s gotten busted lately. Here’s a list of recent drug suspensions:

  • James Irvin – NSAC – Pain Killers – $1000
  • Justin Levens – CSAC – Painkillers – $1000
  • Carina Damm – CSAC – Steroids – $2500
  • Alexandre Nogueira – CSAC – Steroids – $2500
  • Antonio Silva – CSAC – Steroids – $2500
  • Ken Shamrock – CSAC – Steroids – $2500
  • Chris Leben – UFC – Steroids – $8250

Notice the dollar amount on these and then think about Karo Parisyan, who’s suspension resulted in him getting fined $32,000. Does that seem reasonable to you considering that James Irvin was popped for the same thing by the same commission and was fined $1000? The only difference is that Karo won while Irvin got dropped on the first punch. I understand you don’t want guys running off with ill-begotten win money after they cheat, but it seems to me like a $32,000 fine is excessive. Karo just lost more money than many people make in a year.