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War zone training

One of my favorite fighter blogs out there at the moment is Tim Kennedy’s. As you may or may not remember, Tim Kennedy was an up and coming talent who got shipped off to war right after getting booked to fight for an IFL belt. He’s now in some ballsack of a country … but don’t worry, he’s keeping up with his training via some very interesting methods. Part of his conditioning comprises of some very simple fundamentals: throw crap, jump shit, and slam junk:

While it’s fun to pick heavy things up, it’s even more fun to throw them down. I mean straight down. Tires, ammo cans, water bottles – you name it and I bet you I can slam the living daylight out of it. It all sounds simple enough. Find something heavy, pick it up, slam, and repeat. In truth, however, a lot more goes in to it.

First of all you have to make sure that you don’t slam yourself, which just hurts. Second, you need to ensure that the thing that you are slamming will not in some way be able to attack you after you slam it(you would be surprised at how vicious a tire is if slammed incorrectly). Finally, you have to take the audience into consideration (their fear is palpable during the slamming process). Even though they are now standing even further away the last thing you need is a dead local from a armored truck tire that went awry.