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War Tim Kennedy … literally

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Tim Kennedy … last I heard the gods were fucking with him by recalling him into the military a few weeks before he was supposed to fight for an IFL belt. Now we have an update: he’s still somewhere in the middle east, and yes it does suck ass over there:

My wife came through with some reeds, candles, and a bunch of other stuff that the other guys made fun of me about at first, but have since come around to the superiority of Midnight Jasmine and Summer Sage to Recycled Ass and Rotting Bog.

Regardless of my victory over the locals odoriferous emanations, this “you will get used to it” line became a common theme, and one that I resented more and more every time I heard it. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I was informed that the nocturnal blood sucking predators that the local people endearingly referred to as “bedbugs” was something else I would get used to. Really guys? I get the smell part. I get the sand. I get the lack of deodorant. But do we really need to get #^$%!!! used to demon blood sucking bugs of the night dive-bombing painfully into our open eyes and injecting a stinger into them? Can’t we do a smidge better than that?

I thought I could.

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