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Fuck, Evan Tanner rocks. While his return from the deep end means I have less funny material to write about, I can’t help but get caught up with all the inspirational shit he says and does lately. Check out this quote on why he’s gone with the fans for sponsorship and not any of the companies that emerged after MMA became ‘the next big thing’:

“I’d be representing these companies that had nothing to do with getting the sport to where it is and representing products that I don’t even use. There’s something that just didn’t seem right with that, so I totally cut out all corporate sponsors and worked directly with the fans because back in the day that’s what it was – it was you, your opponent, and the fans watching – and it was really the fans that made this happen.”

While the betting odds aren’t in favor of Tanner beating Yushin Okami, there’s no doubt in my mind that Evan is going to route that boring lay’n’pray bastard. WAR TANNER!

  • catch says:

    Tanner rules. And he’s going to lose. Badly. Thems the breaks.

  • koolpaw says:

    But u know what? Yahoo! Japan`s Zubari Yosou(odds) is
    (in Japanese)

    Tanner win : over 1400 ppl
    Okami win : only 500 ppl

    Sorry Roxy, but Tanner is still big name here in Japan and loved so much !!

  • However noble it may seem, that kind of existentialistic, tree-hugging, big-business-is-the-devil mind-set is the same kind of attitude that’s going to get the city of Berkley banned from the rest of America.

    Have you seen that movie “Into the Wild” yet? Same attitude as this and the kid ends up dying alone in the woods somewhere.

    Evan, call your local beer store that you’ve pumped a few thousand dollars into for the last two years and ask them to give it all back if you slap their logo on your ass for a few fights in front of a few million fans.

  • Tanner owes a lot to the fans. He basically got into the UFC as a Texas boy when the UFC went there, and cos he was a local favourite they kept him around

    Fact: Evan Tanner has more triangle victories than anyone else

  • Xenicore says:

    Awww, cute, the conservative is trying to espouse drivel by regurgitating slang and contrived bullshit to denounce Tanner’s brilliant ideas. Not once in your hollow diatribe did you even explain how Tanner not having corporate sponsors is a bad thing. You really believe we need big-business more than big-business needs us? Braaaaaaaaaaainwashed.
    War Tanner indeed! He’s one of the few that really makes himself accessible to the fans–and seems to actually enjoy it. This way, the fans get more out of the fights if they are fans by sponsoring him–because if he wins, they get to feel like they are a part of his success. Politics aside, brilliant idea.
    But yeah. I kinda seem him getting his face rearranged tonight :(

  • catch says:

    By the way, you guys live blogging? Hope so, they’re always awesome to read.

  • ruggertenthousand says:

    I hope Tanner “Pele’s” Okami’s face.

  • fightfan says:

    Always liked a good comeback story…..WAR TANNER!!!! Dont think its gonna happen, but would definitely like to see Okami get schooled by the old timer

  • Method says: