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War Machine’s side of the story

My bud Zak from Watch Kalib Run has been keeping a pretty close eye on the War Machine porn party punch-up, finding several pictures of Mr Machine pre-fight and now digging up an interview with porn news site Luke Is Back (NSFW) where ‘WM’ gives his side of the story:

Cindi: How & why did the fight start?
WM: I was outside talking to a guy I met a week ago named Daniel and was suddenly swarmed by Derek and 6–10 other guys. They were telling me that I hit Alanah and they were cursing at me saying that if that is true I’m gonna get fucked up. I told them I had no idea what they were talking about and told them to even ask Alanah. They persisted and grew more and more angry the more I denied it. They began to circle around me and I was sure I was gonna get fucked up because I was so heavily out numbered and that’s when we started fighting.

Cindi: Who did the fight start with first?
WM: I don’t know. Someone lunged forward at me in my peripheral vision and I turned and hit him as he did.

Cindi: How did you end up hitting 5-7 guys?
WM: Once the initial blows were thrown I continued to punch anyone that came towards me that I thought was a threat. I was working my way toward my car and everywhere I looked there were angry people trying to block me off. At one point even a girl, I think Brooke Haven, was punching me in the head…lol

Cindi: Did any of them get any punches in?
WM: I got hit a couple of times from the back and side but Brooke is the one who got the most punches in on me…haha…but that’s only because I didn’t hit her back. I actually really liked Brooke and was sad that I was involved in a fight that ended up ruining her party.

Now this completely contradicts what an anonymous person at the party told Luke Is Back a day or two earlier:

What was WM doing?
WM was walking back and forth with his fists clenched. Then he suddenly started hitting everyone around him. Most of the people he hit were just standing around, not really part of the action. WM ran up and hit Glen in the jaw. Then he ran around attacking anyone he could see. He was chasing Derek and Josh Hunter tried to step in and calm him down, and he hit josh. Then he tracked down Derek and knocked him down.

How did the fight start? I heard WM hit Alanah, but she says he didn’t.
I did not see WM hit alanah so I can’t speculate on that one. I’m not sure exactly how it started. WM was being very aggressive with the women at the party and someone may have said something.

Are charges filed against WM?
People are definitely pressing charges. There were a lot of witnesses.  We all gave our info to the police. It was not self defense.

I wonder if all this was started over some misunderstanding regarding all that cutesy strangling War Machine was doing for the camera. Whatever the case, here’s the update on our favorite hothead’s legal situation: his lawyer is talking to the police to arrange his ‘interview and book & release’ (sounds like he’s got this down to a science) and he’s already going to court in January over beating up a bouncer at a gay bar in February, so that case comes first. But of course none of these skirmishes are ever his fault so he’s not worried about going to jail. We’ll see how that works out for him.