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War Machine and freedom of speech

Some people like Chris Nelson at Bloody Elbow feel kinda bad about War Machine losing the opportunity to fight for the UFC and Bellator because of his consistently retarded and offensive Myspace bulletins. You know: freedom of speech and all that. Personally, I think people need to read up on what freedom of speech is and how it works.

The UFC and Bellator cannot stop War Machine from posting up moronic Myspace posts and exercising his right to free speech – that would be wrong. Everyone has the right to say whatever the fuck they want (hate speech aside, anyways), but that doesn’t mean that these organizations have to associate with him. They have just as much right to decide they don’t want anything to do with him.

Free speech doesn’t make you immune to the fallout from the shit you say. If you exercise your free speech and say that the holocaust didn’t happen, then pretty much everyone is gonna hate your guts and you’re going to have a hard time doing anything with anyone that isn’t associated with the Catholic church. You can still go on your lame Myspace page and rant on about your dipshit theories, but everyone else has the right to not associate with you or give you a platform for your ignorant ideas.

We’ve been involved in all sorts of ‘free speech’ arguments before, from the time King of the Cage was regularly booking a full fledged neo-nazi for their shows to the time those dipshits were joking about Evan Tanner being gnawed on by coyotes. Many people thought we were being quite hypocritical for trying to ‘censor’ these people when we’re pretty much the vilest MMA site out there. But everything we say comes with a pricetag that we have fully accepted. We know we aren’t about to cut a deal with Yahoo or CBS because they’re not interested in a site that’s written by someone with Tourette’s syndrome.

Are our free speech rights being attacked because no one is willing to partner up with us? No! We shit in our own bed and now we have to lie in it. But that’s okay. We love rolling around in our own feces, that’s our thang, our niche, our raison d’etre. We have the freedom to say whatever we want, and we love it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost us in many many ways.